EURISE Network Technical Reference

This is the common technical reference developed by the EURISE Network.

It is a collection of basic guidelines and references for development and maintenance of infrastructure services within DARIAH and beyond. This work relies heavily on work by the community and in particular CESSDA ERIC, CLARIAH-NL, DARIAH-DE as well as the Netherlands eScience Center and the UK Software Sustainability Institute.

This work was started as part of the “DESIR – DARIAH ERIC Sustainability Refined” project for DARIAH-EU, receiving funding from the European Commission under grant agreement 731081. It explicitly relies on the Netherlands eScience Center Guide and the CLARIAH Software Quality Guidelines.

To make use of these guides, implementing an institutional manual based on this is recommended. In many places, possible or required choices are pointed out and should be made for a specific manual.

It is particularly recommended to adopt the Recommendations to encourage best practices in research software whenever starting a new project. Also, consider using the Software Sustainability Institute’s Software Management Plan.

The Technical Reference includes contributions by Carsten Thiel, Michelle Weidling, Yoann Moranville.

CC-BY 4.0

This work is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International.